Competitive swimming does not require a major financial outlay, and we don't require any specific equipment, but if your swimmer has the basics, s/he/they/them will be more comfortable (as well as swim faster). Please check with coaching staff or parent orginizers if you have questions about what your child may need.


  • We strongly recommend a good pair of swim goggles. The chlorine really goes for your eyes. It's much more comfortable and allows for a better technique to put your head in the water when you have a good, well-fitting pair of goggles.
  • There are many types on the market; they typically cost $10-15. Ask a coach or experienced swimmer or swim parent about how to choose and fit goggles.

Swim cap

  • Swim caps are recommended, particularly for swimmers with longer hair.
  • We usually have a supply of our blue Waterbury Rapids silicone caps for sale.
  • Team caps - we have team caps for sale for $10.
  • Spare swim caps are also recommended to have on hand for practice and at meets (they always break at the most inconvenient moments).

Other items...

  • Nice, large towel
  • Fleece or swim parka -- a lot of swimmers get cold fast once they're out of the water.
  • Sunscreen, please!
  • Water bottle for practices and meets. It's important to keep hydrated.